Gallon Classic Blend Popping Oil (Scratch & Dent)


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Slight damage to the cap, has been sealed and taped or the label could be damaged. Or no label at all.  

You can score a gallon of our delicious classic blend popping oil at a great savings! The contents is perfectly safe to consume, the only reason we cannot sell it at full price is that the outer plastic cap or label has been slightly damaged. 

Our Original Movie Theater Classic Blend Popping Oil is a must-have in any popcorn lover's home! This is a classic blend of premium coconut oil and quality corn oil for a delicious flavor that is sure to please.
  • 65% less fat than coconut oil
  • No-trans fats
  • 1 gallon plastic container
Because this oil is a special blend, it is a liquid and pourable at room temperature. This classic blend of oils adds a wonderful taste and smell that just adds that special something to popcorn.

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