5-Pack Large Color Rim Tub Set (Scratch & Dent)


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The large color rim tubs in this set have imperfections that range from scratched or smeared paint, crooked labels, or other coloring issues. The good news is, if you can look past the blemishes this bowl will still hold your popcorn perfectly.

Our color rim buckets are big enough for the whole family! These buckets will hold approximately 6 quarts of popcorn and measure 9" across and 8" tall.

Each bucket also features a kernel separator that allows unpopped kernels to fall to the bottom of the bucket where they don't interfere with your popcorn enjoyment.

Large Bowl Set Includes 5 Tubs

Color assortment may be a combination of the following: Red & White Stripe, Hot Pink, Coral, Royal Blue or Lime Green

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