Football Flag Set - Penalty and Challenge Flag


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Gear up for football season with your very own Official Penalty Flag and Coaches Challenge Flag. Get a taste of the football spirit with our signature Football Flag set.

Our Flag Set Includes:

  • 1 Yellow Official Penalty Flag
  • 1 Red Coaches Challenge Flag

Experience the game like a player on the field running towards victory. Nothing stands in your way anymore. Our flag sets are the perfect accessory to enhance your popcorn affair. Enjoy our finest freshly popped popcorn while indulging in your favorite game of the league by simply adding our flag sets to the cart right away.

Made from extremely durable nylon, our 9-inch long flags are of the finest quality. Our penalty and challenge flags also feature a weighted center to facilitate easy throwing. Make watching your favorite sport on television with friends and family an event to look forward to!

Order your very own flag set now!

Key Features

  • 9-Inch Flags
  • Weighted Centers
  • Material: Nylon


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