6 lb. Variety Popcorn Pack


HS Code: 1005.90.4049

Origin Country: US

Weight: 7 lbs

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Locally grown popcorn in 6 lb. Variety Packs to suit all your needs!

These farm-fresh kernels come in re-sealable bags to help maintain their freshness. The transparent viewing window at the front allows you to have a peek into their unique colors and shapes.

We offer three different varieties:

  • Sweet Baby Blue Popcorn – this low hull, crowd favorite variety pops medium to large and has a mildly sweet flavor.
  • Baby White, Extra Small, and Tender – This is one of the smallest and most tender kernels that resembles an old variety called Japanese hulless. We separate these from our medium white kernels to give you a tender, delicious snack.
  • Flavorful Medley - This is a fun blend of several unique gourmet corns. They come in yellow, white, purple, blue, and red shades and taste scrumptious when popped!

Each of these can be popped in our Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popping Machine with your preferred cooking oil.

You can top these with your favorite Whirley Pop Shop seasonings and get ready for a popcorn fiesta!

Key Features

  • Non - GMO Popcorn
  • Locally Grown
  • 6 lb. 3 Variety Pack

  • Comes in Resealable Bag

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