Popcorn Glaze Set


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In this set, you get 2lbs of extra large mushroom popcorn kernels and 4 flavors of our delicious sugar glazes. Glazed corn is easy to make with flavored glaze and your whirley-pop popcorn popper. Simply pour in the glaze with your popcorn and oil and let the fun begin. It can't get any easier.

Mushroom style popcorn has a larger surface area that is perfectly suited to those special recipes, like caramel, chocolate, or cheese coated popcorn. You will find that because it does not have "wings" like traditional popcorn there will be less pieces broken off while coating. Our mushroom popcorn is a unique blend of mushroom and yellow kernels. When popping, you will experience 70% mushroom kernels and 30% traditional yellow kernels.

  • 8oz. milk chocolate glaze
  • 8oz. strawberry glaze
  • 8oz. blue raspberry glaze
  • 8oz. caramel glaze
  • 2lbs of extra large mushroom popcorn kernels

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