Perfect Popcorn, Perfect Bowl


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The Truth is in the name. This set really is the perfect popcorn and the perfect bowl. Not only are you getting a beautifully designed bamboo bowl, but also three unique varieties of our gourmet popping corns each in a two pound bag.

The charcoal bamboo bowl is handcrafted and extremely versatile. This makes an excellent popcorn bowl, but can also be used as a fruit bowl or a table centerpiece. The easy carrying handles and low sides make for ergonomic popcorn eating.

Included popcorn varieties are:

  • 2 pound Flavorful Medley: A mix of red, blue, white and yellow kernels each offering their own unique taste.

  • 2 pound Tender & White: A tender piece of popcorn that pops into lighter, delicate pieces.

  • 2 pound Big & Yellow: These yellow kernels pop into some of the most crunchy and delicious popcorn around. The kernel could be described as "Movie Theater Style" because the popped corn closely resembles what you would see at the theater.

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