6 lb. Variety Popcorn Pack



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The 6 lb. Variety Pack contains 3 types of popcorn grown locally.
  • Sweet Baby Blue: Pops medium to large, has its own flavor, yet it's actually a little sweet. It is a low hull corn that has been becoming many people's favorite.
  • Baby White: This small white is one of the smallest and most tender kernels. It resembles an old variety called the Japanese hull-less. It comes from separating the smaller kernels from our medium white. Great tasting and tender!
  • Flavorful Medley: This is a fun one for people who love popcorn! It's a unique blend of several gourmet corns; yellow, white, purple, red, and blue
Works perfectly in our Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popping Machine!

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