Movie Night Popcorn Party Pack featuring Platinum Stainless


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A popcorn gift set filled with glitz, glam, and glee - all thanks to the magic of this wonderful Whirley Pop!

It includes:

●       Stainless Steel Platinum Series Whirley Pop - its patented mechanism ensures that every kernel pops and all your popping oil and seasonings are perfectly distributed.

●       1 Large Red Carpet Popcorn Tub - to serve a 6 quart batch of popcorn, enough for the whole family!

●       4 Small Red Carpet Popcorn Tubs - the ideal size for an individual snack.

●       3 Real Theater Popping kits - precisely measured gourmet kernels, seasoning, and popping oil - pre-portioned for the perfect flavor!

The ready-to-pop kits are specially made to simplify your popping experience - just cut, pour, and pop! In less than 3 minutes, your perfectly popped popcorn will be ready for snacking!

Serve your snack in the popcorn tubs included in this set. They look so fancy and expensive - you’ll feel like a celebrity on the red carpet, even if you’re just chilling at home!

Enjoy a pop of flavor in every bite and make this the best holiday season ever!

Key features:

●       Ready-To-Pop Kits

●       Reusable Popcorn Tubs

●       Glamorous Design


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