Replacement Whirley Pop Lid - Aluminum with Nylon Gears


HS Code: 7615.19.7045

Origin Country: China

Weight: 2 lbs

Unit Price: $11.09


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It’s always nice to have a spare of everything. Even popcorn poppers parts!

Ever started movie night only to find that things don't work as they should? Don't let that happen to your Whirley-Pop. Keep spare parts on hand for nights like this!

We understand that different parts experience varied rates of wear and tear. We don't expect you to buy a new Popper every time a part exceeds its useable age. This is why we’ve made the Whirley-Pop lid with Nylon gear available for separate purchase.

It’s a lifesaver when you want to keep your guests snacking as you pop away! The gears have a smooth, easy turn. The nylon expands and contracts with the heat, so it’s perfect for high-temperature popping.

It’s super flexible, so the gears nest easily without catching or skipping. The lid fits perfectly on the standard 6 quart Whirley-Pop and the gears ensure that every kernel pops!

Make the perfect bowl of popcorn with our patented mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Fits 6-quart Whirley-Pop
  • Nylon Gears
  • Flexible And Versatile


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