Replacement Whirley Pop Lid - Aluminum with Metal Gears


HS Code: 7615.19.7045

Origin Country: China

Weight: 2 lbs

Unit Price: $12.20


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Are you someone who believes in keeping spares? Perhaps you host large parties and need an extra hand for popping popcorn? Could it be that you have the Whirley-Pop with nylon gears and desire one with die-cast metal gears?

Doesn’t matter. We’ve got you covered!

The standard Whirley-Pop lid available with sturdy, die-cast metal gears perfectly fits the classic 6-quart Whirley-Pop.

The heavy-duty die-cast metal gears, just like their nylon counterparts, have a patented stirring mechanism to ensure that every kernel pops. It also helps distribute your popping oil and favorite seasonings uniformly and evenly for deliciousness in every bite.

The die-cast metal gears stand apart as they’re meant for special popcorn recipes such as caramel and glazed.

Key Features:

  • Die-Cast Gears
  • Sturdy And Durable
  • Patented Mechanism

*Important Product Note: Whirley Pop pan is not included with purchase.


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