Old Farmers Outdoor Popping Favorites


Weight: 4.5 lbs

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Shake and Pop your way to a delectable delight with this amazing gift set.

It Includes:

- Shake & Pop Outdoor Popcorn Popper- Pop your kernels over an open fire and feel at one with nature!

- Buttery Coconut Oil- A delicious popping oil that you won't be able to resist

- Farmer's Choice Gift Set - A charming box containing 

The kernels pop into large, fluffy chunks of popcorn which are truly incredible. Use the popping oil to add an extra burst of flavor to your popcorn. their crunchy texture and delicious aroma will leave you weak! 

Enjoy a fresh snack next time you go camping, or have your backyard firepit lit!

Key Features:

- Outdoor popcorn popper

- Delicious popping oil

- 3 packs of gourmet kernels 


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