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Color Changing Whirley Pop


HS Code: 7323.93.0045

Origin Country: CN

Weight: 7 lbs

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Have a magical evening and a mesmerizing popping experience with this wonderful gift set!

It includes:

  • Color Changing Whirley Pop* with Metal Gears – it changes color from red to yellow as your kernels pop in less than 3 minutes!
  • 5 Pack Real Theater Popcorn All-Inclusive Popping Kits – preportioned gourmet kernels, popping oil, and seasonings for the perfect snack!
  • 4 individual Classic Red Striped Popcorn Bowls with Kernel Separators – the perfect way to enjoy your favorite snack without the hassle of unpopped kernels!

The color-changing Whirley Pop is a delightful sight to behold. Its patented mechanism also ensures that your kernels are popped to perfection, and you get to enjoy an irresistible flavor in every bite.

The Popping Kits include precisely measured ingredients and give you the authentic theater popcorn flavor in the comfort of your home!

Just serve your freshly popped snack in the Popcorn Tubs provided and have an amazing movie night snack!

*The Color Changing Whirley Pop comes with a 25-year warranty on mechanical/moving parts.

Key Features:

  • Kernel Separators
  • Ready-to-Pop Kits
  • Authentic Theater-style Flavor
  • Color-changing Popcorn Popper

Watch the Color Changing Whirley Pop in Action Below:


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