Home Theater™ Antique Popcorn Popper


HS Code: 7323.93.0010

Origin Country: China

Weight: 80 lbs

Unit Price: $-.--


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This “Pop Daddy” popper was featured in Maxim Magazine and USA Today! This is a countertop model and perfect for our Real Theater Popcorn Pouches. It’s available in 4 oz. 6 oz. and 8 oz. capacities.

With such a pretty design, it’s sure to be the center of attention at your home theater entertainment center!

A 4 oz. Popper makes 92 oz., 6oz makes 138oz and 8oz makes 207 ounces of perfectly popped popcorn per hour, and the aroma is absolutely intoxicating. It will pop your kernels in just a few minutes, and the built-in heat lamp will keep them fresh, hot, and crunchy for hours! The design is attractive and amazing.

It looks just like the original vintage popcorn stands that everyone loves. The sturdy construction and tempered glass are so strong that they’ll outlast even in the wildest parties! The side-hinged kettle is easy to operate and clean. Keep the kernels popping, and the fun will never stop!

You also get a one-year manufacturer's warranty (not handled through Wabash Valley Farms or Whirley Pop Shop.)

Key Features:

  • 3 Mins Popping Cycle
  • 1-Year warranty
  • 18”w x 18” d x 24” h
  • Available In 2 Sizes

This popper will ship in its own box and will be shipped by UPS ground residential only, NO express shipping.


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