Retro Tin Seasoning Trio


HS Code: 2103.90.9070

Origin Country: US

Weight: 2 lbs

Unit Price: $19.99


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It’s time to feel nostalgic and indulge in all things yummy. Like your favorite popcorn toppings. In retro tins!

This kit includes:

  • Sweet Caramel Seasoning Retro Tin - An all-time favorite, this sugary, decadent caramel seasoning will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  • Movie Theater Seasoning Retro Tin - Take a trip down memory lane with this delicious buttery, salty seasoning to sprinkle on your homemade popcorn. Our classic variety gives you the taste, smell, and color of popcorn that vendors sell at movie theaters.
  • Zesty Cheddar Seasoning Retro Tin - Love a cheesy twist? Our classic nacho-inspired seasoning is a delightful snack that you can enjoy with your favorite beverages on game night, movie night, and any other time when you feel peckish!

If you missed these classic seasonings, here’s your chance to grab some! All you have to do is whip up some of your favorite popcorn and sprinkle seasoning of your choice!

Key features:

  • 3 Favorite Seasonings
  • Delicious and Indulgent
  • Cool Retro Tins


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