1 Gallon Dispensing Pump


HS Code: 1515.90.8002

Origin Country: US

Weight: 1.0 lbs

Unit Price: $7.76


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You can pop as much popcorn as you want by hopping a lid onto just about any deep container, but tossing it around in seasoning is a whole new ballgame. Our 1 Gallon Dispensing pump puts your tossing woes aside. But that's not all.

Say goodbye to messy handy and dirty aprons with the 1 Gallon Dispensing Pump!

The slender pump fits the 1 gallon jars of both our Classic Blend Popping Oil and Buttery Popcorn Topping with ease. Just one dispensing pump can be used for prepping and serving a heaping serving of popcorn. All you need to do is remove the pump from whichever bottle you're using, clean and dry it, and fit it onto another.


Key Features:

  • Removable
  • 16 inches tall
  • Easy to use


P.S: The Buttery Popcorn Topping shown in the picture is for representation purposes only. It is not included in the package with the pump.


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