Shimmering Stainless and Glistening Gold Gift Set


HS Code: 7323.93.0045

Origin Country: CN

Weight: 8.5 lbs

Unit Price: $82.46

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A magical gift for your favorite popcorn lover!
This luxurious ready-to-give gift set includes everything you need to make the perfect popcorn snack, packaged in a delightful golden box!

It includes:

  • Stainless Steel Whirley Pop* – a sturdy popcorn popper with a patented mechanism that ensures that every kernel pops!
  • 18 oz. Jar of Gourmet Popcorn Kernels – they take less than 3 minutes to pop in the Whirley Pop!
  • 3 oz. Classic Blend Popping Oil – a healthy and delicious blend of coconut and corn oil, with 65% less fat than coconut oil alone.
  • 1 oz. Movie Theater Popcorn Seasoning – for an authentic theater-style flavor that you cannot resist!

You can pop a whole batch of popcorn in the Whirley Pop with just one teaspoon of the popping oil! Top it up with the seasonings provided for an extra burst of flavor, and serve it in your favorite popcorn tub for the best snack ever!

*The Stainless Steel Whirley Pop comes with a 25-year warranty on mechanical/moving parts.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful Golden Gift Box
  • Ready To Gift Packaging
  • Authentic Theater-Style Flavor
  • Healthy Popping Oil
  • Stainless Steel Whirley Pop


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