Old Fashion Popcorn Stand Popping Set


HS Code: 7323.93.0045

Origin Country: CN

Weight: 5.9 lbs

Unit Price: $76.99

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This gift set adds a magical nostalgia to the air, and this Concession Stand gift set blends the two beautifully.

It includes:

  • A silver aluminum Whirley Pop with metal gears
  • 1 Large and 4 small color rim popcorn tubs with kernel separators - for uninterrupted snacking

The concession stand-themed box contains:

  • 1- 13oz bag of Tender & White Gourmet Kernels – large, fluffy chunks of tender popcorn that are shaped like butterflies. Their wings are perfect for all kinds of seasonings!
  • 1- 13oz bag of Vintage Red Gourmet Kernels- a small kernel once popped but packed full of crunch.
  • 1 Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Seasoning Stick
  • 1 Movie Theater Style Seasoning Stick

A 6 quart batch of kernels takes less than 3 minutes to pop in the Silver Whirley Pop. Its patented design with metal gears ensures that every kernel pops and that the seasoning is evenly distributed for a burst of flavor in every bite.

Top up your perfectly popped kernels with the delicious seasonings provided and serve them in the reusable popcorn tubs. The easiest way to enjoy an authentic theater-style snack at home!

Key features:

  • Theater style flavor
  • Concessions stand themed box
  • Patented mechanism

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