Savory Whirley Pop Treat Gift Set


Weight: 7 lbs

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Give a gift that will get them started popping with all the necessities plus a couple extras. 

This set has all the essentials for making the best snack ever:

- Silver Aluminum Whirley Pop with metal gears

- Bacon Seasoning

- Dill Pickle Seasoning

- Simply Red Gift Box containing 1 lb each of Big and Yellow, and Tender and White kernels and a bottle of Classic Blend Popping Oil 

The Silver Whirley Pop's metal gears will last you forever, and their patented mechanism is specially designed to ensure that no kernel is left behind- every single one will pop. 

You need just a teaspoon of popping for a 6 quart batch of popcorn- this blend of coconut and corn oil is also healthier than regular coconut oil alone. 

This gift box contains two varieties of kernels- the big and yellow kernels pop into large fluffy popcorn with a delicious crunch. The tender and white kernels pop into smaller pieces of popcorn with a delicate crunch. 

Top off your freshly popped snack with a seasoning provided, get your fuzzy socks out, and tuck yourself in for a wonderful night of snacking fun! 

Key Features

- Two varieties of seasonings

- Bestselling kernels 

- 3 minutes to pop


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