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Love our seasonings? Then you must get this limited edition pack that features popcorn and four different seasonings! You heard us. That’s four yummy seasonings, all for you. 

It includes:

●       2Lb Big & Yellow Popcorn Kernels - Pop into large, crunchy popcorn that is absolutely delicious and a top favorite.

●       Buttered Sweet Corn Seasoning - The taste of freshly roasted corn on the cob drizzled with butter and salt in the form of popcorn seasoning. Do we need to say more?

●       Dill Pickle Seasoning - Feel the tart and tangy flavors of a traditional pickle come together in a mouthwatering concoction in popcorn seasoning form! If you can’t get enough of dill pickle, you'll enjoy sprinkling this seasoning over your bowl of popcorn.

●       Bacon Seasoning - Tingle your taste buds with satisfying, finger-licking bacon flavor!

●       Ribs Seasoning - Smoky, dark, and absolutely stunning burst of flavors that you will love.  

All you have to do is whip up some of your favorite popcorn in your Whirley Pop with just a teaspoon of the popping oil. Sprinkle the seasoning of your choice and enjoy your snack. In just three minutes! 

Key features:

●       4 Delicious Seasonings

●       Endless Mixing Possibilities

●       Easy To Use

●       Popcorn Included 


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