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Pack of 8

Our Popcorn Seasoning Gift Set makes for a  unique and unusual gift for the experimental popcorn lover. Each set comes with eight of our choicest products, including:

A 3.7 oz jar of Sweet Caramel seasoning
A 5.0 oz jar of Zesty Cheddar seasoning
A 5.2 oz jar of White Cheddar seasoning
A 5.5 oz jar of Movie Theater Style seasoning
A 4 oz jar of Creamy Ranch seasoning
A 4.7 oz jar of Buttery Jalapeno seasoning
A 5 oz jar of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough seasoning
A 4.4 oz jar of Dill-Icious Pickle seasoning

Whether you're gifting it to an adventurous foodie, a gourmet, or someone who loves variety, this gift set's sweet, salty, and savory seasonings will win anyone over. Add to that the Large Red Rim popcorn tub in which the goodness is packed and you have a gift no one will forget.

You can also pair it with our other gift sets, gourmet popcorns, and popping oils for a complete popcorn goodie nag.


Key Features:

  • Fun gift for popcorn lovers
  • Pack of 8 one-of-a-kind flavors
  • Endless flavor possibilities

For nutrition information, ingredients, and allergen/sensitive ingredients, please see each individual item page.

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