Pass the Popcorn Bowl Set



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Pass the Popcorn, Please! This set features super fun "popcorn" themed yellow rim popcorn buckets and three 2-lb. bags of delicious gourmet kernels.

Enjoy a sampling of Baby White (tender, tiny and yummy), Big & Yellow (just like the movies) and Purple (high in antioxidants).

Each 2-lb. bag makes about 8 batches when used in the Whirley-Pop or Sweet & Easy Snack Machine.

Set also includes a serving bowl and three matching individual sized bowls. Each includes a removable kernel separator at the bottom so that unpopped kernels drop untouched to the bottom.

Serving Bucket measures 9" across by 8" tall. Plastic, hand wash to preserve color.

Individual Buckets measure 5" across by 4.5" tall. Plastic, hand wash to preserve color.

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