Everything is better with Ranch...Popcorn & Ranch Seasoning Set


HS Code: 1005.90.4040

Origin Country: US

Weight: 5 lbs

Unit Price: $28.25


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Who doesn’t like ranch dressing right? This popcorn and ranch seasoning set is perfect for your favorite popcorn lover!

It includes:

  • Medium Nostalgic Popcorn Tub
  • 2 lbs. Midnight Blue Popcorn – a favorite amongst those who like Black Jewel popcorn. (Makes about eight batches in the Whirley Pop)
  • 1 lb. Baby Hull-less White Popcorn – the thin hull shatters upon popping, so you get a delicate, crunchy texture. (Makes about four batches in the Whirley Pop)
  • 8 oz. Classic Blend Popping Oil – just one teaspoon is enough for a delicious batch of popcorn.
  • Creamy Ranch Seasoning – the best seasoning ever!

The set includes a lovely reusable, durable plastic tub with a lovely design. The yellow background is beautifully complemented with fun, attractive graphics. The perfect way to serve your popcorn!

Get this set for your favorite popcorn lover, and they’re sure to have the best movie night ever!

Key Features:

  • Medium Nostalgic Popcorn Tub
  • Midnight Blue Popcorn
  • Baby Hull-less White Popcorn
  • Healthy Classic Blend Popping Oil
  • Delicious Creamy Ranch Seasoning


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