Silver Whirley Pop + Organic 3-Pack Popping Kits


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Want to introduce a friend or family member to the best popper and organic popcorn supplies available? You are in the right place!

This brand new kit includes our much-loved Whirley Pop popcorn maker and all the ingredients needed for a delicious and healthy popcorn snack. Even if they were – gasp! – microwave popcorn fans before, we know that once they Whirley Pop they won’t soon stop! We’ve even included a 3-pack of All-Inclusive Organic Popping Kits, so that you can start popping right out of the box. These pre-measured kits of movie include our organic yellow kernels, refined organic coconut popping oil, and all natural sea salt. Just snip, pour and pop your way to sensational snacking in about 3 minutes!

This collection of organic popcorn supplies includes:
  • The Original Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper with Choice of Gear Assembly
  • 3 Organic All-Inclusive Popping Kits

Choose Your Gear Assembly: If you're looking to make great popcorn and prefer a smooth turn, the nylon gears are an excellent choice. Using your popper for more than that (kettle corn, caramel corn, etc.)? Then simply select metal gears from the drop-down menu above for a $3.00 upgrade. Both are protected by our fantastic warranty. Feel free to give us a call to chat about the different options. We love to talk popcorn!


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