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Friends and family near and far will feel the love no matter the distance with the Home is Where the Heart Is gift set.

Featuring the Red Whirley-Pop, this set is the perfect way to show that special someone they are always in your heart (while maybe not always in your sight).

The 6-quart Whirley-Pop™ truly is the ultimate popcorn machine, especially with the new heavy duty metal gears. All it takes is your favorite popcorn (this set includes a total of 12-lbs!), as little as a teaspoon of any cooking oil (our customers tell us they prefer coconut, peanut, canola or olive oils) and less than 3 minutes to create 6-quarts (approximately 24 cups) of delicious, mouthwatering popcorn.

Mud Pie's burlap pillow wrap features a screen printed map of the United States and is embroidered with a touching "Home is where the HE♥RT IS message. The pillow secures with Velcro at the back and also includes a movable lapel-style heart shaped pin so that the recipient can mark their favorite state. Measures 7" x 33".

Baby White and Big & Yellow are the featured gourmet popping corns in this set. You'll receive 6-lbs. of each - a 6-lb. bag makes about 24 batches in the Whirley-Pop.

A very petite, tender piece of popcorn, Baby White is a popular hull-less variety. If you love eating popcorn, but dread the seemingly endless flossing session following each bowl, then this is the popcorn for you. This variety has been bred so that the hull shatters upon popping. The result? Only the best hull-less popcorn you've ever eaten (tender, but still with a nice crunch). We should clarify though that there is no such thing as a truly hull-less popcorn. All popcorn must have a hull in order to pop.

Big & Yellow was made for those looking for a supersized, great tasting piece of popcorn. These tender yellow kernels pop into some of the most crunchy and delicious popcorn around. The kernel could be described as "Movie Theater Style" because the popped corn closely resembles what you would see at the theater. The popcorn connoisseur would describe the popped kernels as having a "butterfly" shape; which means it has "wings" that are perfect for catching and holding the butter and seasoning added to it.

Gift Set Includes:
  • Red Whirley-Pop - Aluminum with Metal Gears
  • 6-lb. Amish Country Baby White Gourmet Popcorn
  • 6-lb. Amish Country Big & Yellow Gourmet Popcorn
  • Home is Where the Heart Is Pillow Wrap Dimensions: 7" x 33")


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