'Hands Down' the Best
Popcorn Collection
Original Silver Whirley Pop


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This gift set is “Hands Down" the Best Popcorn Collection for any gift recipient. This set includes the Original Silver Aluminum Whirley-Pop with metal gears, the 3D Hand Tub, and a gourmet assortment of popping kits.

Each popping kit contains gourmet popcorn, oil, & special seasonings...all perfectly measured. Just snip, pour, and pop! You can’t get any easier! The Real Theater kit includes everything you need to make theater-style popcorn at home. Love the Real Theater Kits but want to be a little healthier? The Less Salt/Less Oil kit includes everything you need to make theater-style popcorn at home with less salt and less oil than the Original Real Theater Popcorn Kit. With the pre-portioned pack of organic yellow corn, sea salt and organic coconut oil, there's nothing to guess at - simply cut, pour and pop with the Organic Popping Kit. Each ingredient is 100% organic and is a premium gourmet food product. Kettle corn is a classic county fair treat and now you can make your own "Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn" at home in just 4 minutes! Made with our special gourmet popping corn, sugar, and popping oil, this kit will remind you of what Grandma used to make.

The 3D Hand tub will make you laugh out loud as the cartoon hand moves back and forth when you move the tub. Ideal for one or sharing between two, this tub is plastic so it can be reused again and again for fun and laughs. This tub measures 7" across the top and is 7.25" tall. Approximate 2-quart capacity, holds 14 cups popped popcorn.

Gift Set Includes:
  • 1-Original Silver Aluminum Whirley-Pop with Metal Gears
  • 1-Real Theater Popping Kit
  • 1-Less Salt/Less Oil Popping Kit
  • 1-Organic Popping Kit
  • 1-Kettle Corn Popping Kit
  • 1-3D Hand Popcorn Tub

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