Red 'Whirley Pop' Themed Popcorn Bucket


HS Code: 3924.10.0002

Origin Country: CN

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Newest launch: Reusable Red Whirley Pop Themed Buckets!(Large)

These popcorn buckets come with a red colored rim and a fun “Pop Corn” design in the middle. This simple, quirky design is sure to add some fun to your snacking!

The buckets have two special features:

  • They are made from plastic that can be reused over and over, as often as you like.
  • The kernel separator drops the unpopped kernels into the bottom of the bucket- to give you uninterrupted deliciousness!

These buckets are availabe in two sizes: small and large.
The small buckets measure 5” across, and they are 4.5” tall. They hold about 2 cups (34oz) of popcorn .
The large buckets measure 9” across and are 8” tall. They can comfortably hold up to 6 quarts (186oz)of popcorn.
You can also opt to buy a set of 1 large bucket and 4 small buckets.
These buckets are perfect for movie nights with the family. You can also host a popcorn party with your near and dear ones. They are also versatile enough to hold other bite sized snacks or candy treats if you feel like it.

Else just grab your favorite popcorn to fill these tubs with, and get popping!


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