Seasons Greetings Salted Caramel Popper Set | The Best Snack Come Once A Year | Featuring Stainless Steel Whirley Pop


Weight: 9.5 lbs

Unit Price: $89.99


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When you want to treat yourself to something special, nothing compares to a snack you can only enjoy during the festive period. That’s why it’s great news that we’ve kept a little bit of our ever-popular salted caramel cocoa just for you. Get it before it’s gone!

- Stainless Steel Whirley Pop is ready to work wonders with our 1 lb bags of Tender & White Big & Big Yellow Kernels
- Added a little help on the flavor side with our very own Classic Blend Popping Oil
- Bring everything to life with the delectable Salted Carmel Seasoning


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